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Former addict surprises self with heroic act

When substance abuse has driven an individual to commit unspeakable acts – manipulating their family members and even putting the lives of others at risk for the sake of their addiction – overcoming the guilt and shame can seem like an insurmountable step in the recovery process. Many people may not even feel they deserve to get better, and that the efforts of their friends, family and professional interventionists are wasted on them.

According to a recent story from The Associated Press, a 32-year-old recovering addict from Philadelphia was in a similar mindset mere moments before he surprised himself by risking his life to help another. The source states that Christopher Knafelc was ruminating over whether he was inherently a "good person" when he saw a stranger fall off the platform of a Philadelphia subway station. Without hesitation, Knafelc sprang to his feet and jumped onto the tracks to help the man who had slipped.

The AP reports that Knafelc has been sober for over two years after abusing prescription pills for most of his adult life.

A spokesperson from the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, who interviewed Knafelc afterward, said that this event "may be the start of really good things for him," as he was able to see that he was in a position to help others after so many people had been there for him.

Knafelc acknowledged that he could never fully repay his loved ones for supporting him through his recovery. "The next best thing I can do is pay it forward," he told the AP.

If a recovering addict isn't able to see value in themselves, they may be all the more reluctant to seek out the drug abuse intervention services they need. Contact our team of professional interventionists to find out how you can support your love one during this trying time.

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