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Florida town to ban synthetic drugs

The city council of Brooksville, Florida, a suburb of Tampa, is considering an ordinance that would ban the sale of synthetic products labeled as bath salts, incense and potpourri that could be used as a substitute for narcotics. Under the proposal, anyone found possessing or selling the substances could face a civil penalty of up to $500 for a first-time offense. The proposed ordinance mirrors those recently passed by other towns in the state.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the city will define a substance as a synthetic drug “when it meets two or more conditions, including being advertised with a use that includes warnings typically not found on those products, such as ‘not for human consumption,’ has packaging that makes claims such as ‘does not contain any chemical compounds prohibited by state law,’ ‘legal herbal substance’ or ‘100 percent compliant guaranteed,’ or suggests the user will experience a high, euphoria, relaxation or mood enhancement and is accompanied by misleading directions or a brand name similar to slang for illicit street drugs.”

The new regulations will assist police officers dealing with people who are suspected of selling synthetic drugs because they broaden the definition of the substances. Although the most common ingredients in synthetics have already been banned by the state, manufacturers have gotten around previous laws by slightly changing their formulas.

Synthetic and designer drugs are popular among teens because they can easily be found at gas stations and convenience stores. Unknowing young people believe them to be safe, but they have been linked to convulsions, tremors and deadly overdoses.

If you suspect your teen of using synthetic drugs, you need to figure out how you can help, including researching drug intervention programs. Contact Intervention Services today to learn how you can get your child into the treatment that he or she needs.

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