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David Letterman questions Lindsay Lohan on her addiction

Last month, we reported that Lindsay Lohan – the young actress who has become better known for her substance abuse and outlandish behavior than her acting accolades – has been ordered to complete a 90-day rehabilitation program following a traffic offense charge. Recently, the starlet appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, during which the talk show host subjected her to a pointed interrogation about her addiction issues.

“We didn’t go over this in the pre-interview,” Lohan said somewhat defensively once Letterman began questioning her about her past experience with drug intervention services. However, though visibly uncomfortable, she candidly spoke of the mistakes she’d made.

“I take full responsibility for it […] you grow up, you mature, what else am I supposed to say when it’s a process of life. I’m not trying to deny anything,” the actress explained. She noted that she saw her court-ordered rehab as “a blessing” that would give her the chance to heal and focus on her work.

After Lohan chided the seasoned talk show host for trying to make light of the issue with his characteristic one-liners – telling Letterman “you can’t make a joke of it – you’re not doing that,” Letterman expressed his support for the star, who first appeared on his show when she was just seven years old.

Citing the ridicule that Lohan’s behavior has garnered from the general public, he told her that the best way to beat those rooting against her was to overcome her addiction problems and go on to lead a happy life.

The stigma against addiction can make the recovery process all the more difficult for anyone, particularly those whose struggles have been widely publicized. If someone you love has a substance abuse problem, contact a professional interventionist to learn how to address the issue and provide the compassion and support your friend or family member needs.

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