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5 Warning Signs of Depression

5 ways you can tell someone who has depression

5 Warning Signs of Depression That Everyone Needs To Know

Depression is a difficult disorder to deal with. What’s even worse, is that it can also be difficult to diagnose. Learning these 5 warning signs of depression can save your life or someone you know.

1. Self Criticism

We all have an inner voice that tells you if you are doing something good or bad, but too much self criticism can be bad, both negative and positive. You may ask why is too much positive criticism bad. Well that can play a huge role in narcissism and an overall pompous attitude. We will be looking at too much negative self criticism as one of the 5 warning signs of depression. Jaime W. Vinick, chief clinical officer at Sierra Tucson psychiatric facility states, “We all have an inner critic. For people who are depressed, this critical inner voice can have a powerful and destructive influence on their state of mind.” Jamie continues, “It may be feeding them a distorted commentary on their lives.” Self criticism may also predict depression. A 2009 Comprehensive Psychiatry showed that people who were highly self critical in a negative way were also more likely to be depressed four years later. Combat self criticism with positive thoughts and talk, it can be difficult at first, but over time it will get easier to complement yourself.

2. Loss of Interest

Losing interest is also one of the 5 warning signs of depression. Feeling bored at work or school does not count as a lost of interest, unless it work or school is something you extremely enjoy. People with depression lose interest in things they typically enjoy, like movies, sports, and time spent with friends. Psychologist Moe Gelbart, Ph.D states, “Loss of interest in pleasurable activities is a common component of depression and is referred to as anhedonia.” This loss of interest may be due to depression changing the brain’s levels of hormones and neurotransmitters. The loss of interest can exacerbate feelings of isolation, which will worsen the depression.

3. Significant Weight Changes

One of the easiest of the 5 warning signs of depression is extreme weight changes. Depression causes many people to lose interest in eating. This is because they no longer enjoy eating food. Their plessure sensors do not registrar eating as a reward anymore. The other side is the may try to eat their feeling and start overeating to compensate for their unpleasant feelings. Another part of weight gain is inactivity. Depression can cause people to lay in bed for days either eating everything or nothing at all. Medical attention may be necessary if weight loss or gain is too extreme, like losing or gaining 10 pounds in a week.

4. Unexplained Aches and Pains

Aches and pains, like stomach troubles and joint and back pain, may appear out of nowhere. Neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine influence your mood, but also influences biological and neurological processes that can result in pain. Perception of pain can also be exaggerated, because your depressed state of mind will focus on the pain continuously. Psychologist Nick Forand states, “People who are depressed also tend to have a lot of negative self-focused attention,” he continues, “so they might be more likely to notice pain sensations and concentrate on them, which can make the perception of pain worse.”

5. Anger and Irritability

Depression can make people feel agitated, restless, or violent. Besides anger being one of the 5 warning signs of depression, it may also be a possible contributor to depression. If anger is left unaddressed and stored internally, it can lead to passive aggressive behavior. Passive aggressive behavior can be self destructive, which also leads to depression. Talking with a counselor or therapist can help to improve these feelings of anger or resentment.

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