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After the Intervention

after the intervention

Well, here we are. We’ve just spent the last 2 days on an emotional roller coaster. Thank God our loved one accepted help today. As we helped him to pack, hugged him goodbye and watched him drive off with the interventionist to treatment, it seems like the storm is over, for now, but for how long? Will he stay? What happens when he gets done?
What do we do?

Recovery After the Intervention

Many people believe that an intervention is about getting their loved one to go to treatment. It is important to understand that we need to look at much more than that in order to end the chaos that has fallen into this family.  We believe that an intervention isn’t truly over until your loved one achieves one year of continuous sobriety.

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Ongoing Support After the Intervention

With a large support staff at Intervention Services, we are prepared to provide assistance 24 hours a day, during treatment and especially after your loved one arrives home. This is an aspect of Intervention Support is critical. Many families have made the mistake of either hiring someone to talk their loved one into treatment, or trying to do it themselves and find themselves completely alone during the chaos that
can sometimes occur after the intervention meeting. It is important to have an Intervention Provider that can and does provide ongoing support.

Questions After the Intervention

Although each situation is different, we can provide some basic details here to give you an understanding of what to expect during each stage of the intervention.

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