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Dancing With The Stars Producer Supplying Illegal Drugs

Dancing With The Stars Producer Supplying Illegal Drugs to the Cast and Crew of the Show

An accusation and an investigation have been launched on the Dancing With The Stars producer supplying illegal drugs to the cast and crew of the show. The Los Angeles police department is currently investigating this “DTWS” producer for his role as the ABC hit show’s leading supplier of illegal drugs. Most evidence shows he supplied these illegal drugs to the dancers in particular. You may ask how these allegations came to light. How did the police get wind of this type of information? Who would supply the police with this type of information? The Los Angeles Police Department was able to obtain revealing text messages from a reliable source. These text messages are between the producer in question and the reality show’s dancers and television stars. The police department plans to use these messages in their ongoing investigation.

These text messages display the dancers requesting orders and deliveries of the drugs to the Hollywood studios, where “DWTS” rehearsals are taking place. One text that was released states, “I got moon rocks, it’s the highest form of Molly. Pure crystal.” This text was supplied my the source talking with the police, who is suspected to be a dancer on the show. Police have since then obtained the producer in question’s text message and call history. A text message from April 2014 states, “Hey babe! Can I get some nose candy from you? Need it tomorrow if possible.” This message is from a dancer asking the producer in question if he has any drugs to supply the dancer with. The dancer even gave him a deadline, which is not a good sign. Needing a drug by tomorrow if possible leans towards the dancer having an addiction problem. One source stated that almost all of the dancers on “DTWS” have had issues or still have issues with illegal substance abuse. This type of environment where a producer is freely passing out drugs to whoever wants them is not healthy for anyone, especially someone who is struggling with addiction. The same insider stated that even some of the celebrity contestants consider the producer their go-to guy when it comes to supplying drugs.

With the Dancing With The Stars producer supplying illegal drugs to the cast and crew of the show, many questions have been formulating. Once this investigation goes public, will certain dancers be kicked off the show? Will the show resort to drug testing the entire cast and crew? Or will they merely get a slap on the wrist? This is Hollywood after all, the source states, “They think that they have things without consequences, no repercussions. It’s a great lesson for everyone.” Apparently, this source is no longer putting up with this type of attitude. He or she wants the producer the answer for the things he has done. We will have to wait and see what becomes of this investigation as it unfolds.

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