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Bobbi Kristina Brown Drug Overdose Suicide Attempt

Bobbi Kristina Brown Drug Overdose Suicide Attempt Leads to Many Questions, Was it Really a Suicide Attempt?

The Bobbi Kristina Brown drug overdose suicide attempt shows the dark side of drug use all over again. In the past, both her parents used drugs very publicly. She lost her mother tragically just a few years ago in a February 2012 drug overdose. Now, the 21-year-old daughter of pop stars Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown is in the midst of a drug-induced tragedy of her own: a suicide attempt or overdose that has left her in a coma.

Brown’s Suicide Attempt
Despite telling her family that was was not using drugs, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s drug overdose suicide attempt happened on Jan 31, 2015. That afternoon, her husband/boyfriend found her face down in the bathtub of their home in Roswell, GA. CPR was performed, but she did not regain consciousness. She had gone for an undetermined number of minutes without oxygen while face down in the water. At the time, authorities did not think drugs were involved, because an initial sweep of the house did not reveal any drugs in the home. A more thorough search followed, and drugs were then determined to be the cause and means of her suicide attempt or overdose.

Intensive care
Brown was immediately rushed to North Fulton Hospital and was admitted into an intensive care unit. She remained in a coma several days later. The Bobby Kristina drug overdose suicide attempt has caused her family unimaginable amounts of grief as they take turns sitting at her bedside, just weeks before the three year anniversary of her mother’s tragic and untimely death. Her father is wrought with grief as he wonders whether his daughter will ever regain consciousness.

Drug-Induced Coma
Brown’s coma was directly caused by her drug overdose. She is now unable to move or to speak or even open her eyes. She is unable to tell her family what happened. A ventilator pumps air in and out of her lungs to keep her alive and feeding tubes give her body sustenance. Drugs have once again caused a series of tragedies for the Houston-Brown family, and there could be a whole new set to follow in the days and weeks to come.

Will she recover?
She went without oxygen for quite some time, and her recovery seems unlikely. Her family reports that doctors are telling them it would take nothing short of a miracle for her to now regain consciousness. Her family remains hopeful as they keep bedside vigil for the young Brown, despite the doctor’s prognosis that says recovery is not likely. She could remain comatose and on a ventilator for the rest of her life.

Drugs have caused another series of tragedies for the Brown and Houston families. The Bobbi Kristina Brown drug overdose suicide attempt is another example of the horrors associated with drug use. Neither she nor her family can do anything to improve the situation now. They must depend on doctors, nurses, and machines to keep her alive.


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