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Choosing the right Treatment Center

“Somewhere out there exists the right place. I know that he is lost and that if we could just find the place that can deal with his underlying issues, then he’ll be ok. I wish we had more money, then we could deal with this situation.”-A Concerned mother.

There are so many emotions involved when a family decides to
intervene on a loved one to help them. Fear, anger, hope, sympathy…even
guilt. It can be overwhelming to face this decision. So many emotions,
so many questions. “Inpatient, or outpatient? He’s tried AA before and
it didn’t work. Does he need detox? How are we going to afford all of

Ask Yourself the Right Questions when Choosing the right Treatment Center

Whether you are looking for treatment for your loved one for the
first time, or whether you’ve been through this before, many family
members make a few common mistakes in choosing treatment. Intervention
Services is here to answer any of your questions that you might have in
choosing effective treatment for your loved one.

  • Does the cost of treatment equal the quality?
  • What will they do in treatment?
  • Why are some programs 28 days and others are 90 days?
  • What will my insurance cover? Is it different depending on the treatment center?
  • Will Treatment “fix” our loved one?
  • What is the “best” treatment?
  • What about Success Rates?
  • Most programs seem to be 12-step based. Is this the best for my loved one? Are there others?
  • Should my loved one go to treatment locally or go far away? What’s the difference?
  • Can my loved one go to rehab for free?

More information on interventions,

Free Treatment Referral

As the largest Intervention Service provider in North America, there
are many advantages that we have due to our extensive experience.
Primarily, our experience has enabled us to deliver clients to hundreds
of different treatment centers across the United States and Canada. This
means that we generally have first-hand knowledge of not only the
premier treatment facilities, but also of different lengths, models, and

Let us help you to find the appropriate choice for your loved one.

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