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Houston Drug and Alcohol Interventions

Addicts are often misrepresented on television leaving family members and loved ones to wonder—WHY? Why is the addiction of MY loved one so much different than what I have seen on T.V. or in the movies? Why am I impacted so deeply by his or her addiction despite my efforts to get them to choose help? The truth is, addicts impact every facet of life for the family members and friends around them, not just THEIR lives. But what do you do when you’re seemingly at the end of your rope?

Houston drug and alcohol interventions can provide a way out for you offering professional support and help during this difficult time. Studies have proven that an addict is often more receptive to the premise of treatment when it is offered from a professional that has an unbiased attitude—this means that although you, the loved one of the addict, may have offered treatment to him or her before, when the offering comes from an unbiased professional, such as a Houston interventionist, they will be more likely to accept.

Why Choose a Houston Interventionist?

Often times an addict simply WILL NOT admit that he or she has a problem with addiction to drugs or alcohol. As the loved one, sitting on the outside and watching your friend or family member abuse drugs or alcohol can be devastating. The sensitivity of asking a loved one to seek help lends both you and the individual to a wide range of emotions—including both verbal and physical abuse which may ensue if the addict is upset enough. An interventionist can help rule out the potential for abuse by offering a third-party, unbiased interaction as a liaison between you and the addict.

Houston drug and alcohol interventionists provide:

  • Education for you and your loved ones to help in understanding addiction and the impact is has on both the user and on the family support network.
  • Training to ensure that the intervention goes well and in hopes that the addict will accept treatment.
  • The facilitation of the intervention itself to ensure the safety and unbiased attention toward the addict.
  • Follow-up support offering for both the addict and the family members or loved ones impacted by the intervention.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Interventions

According to Science Daily, addicts often can’t appreciate the intensity of drug cravings and will underestimate the likelihood of becoming addicted. As a result, many abuse drugs or alcohol without realizing the risks early on. Because there are so many different ways that people become addicted, and addiction is a disease, there are a number of options for intervention each geared toward helping in a slightly different, but equally effective, manner.

The most common types of drug and alcohol interventions in Houston include:

  • Systemic Intervention – this method involves the entire family coming together to discuss the effects of the addiction on the individual and the loved ones with an interventionist in a neutral location.
  • Johnson Model Interventions – this model of intervention involves focusing ONLY on the addict’s behavior and how that behavior impacts the family members.
  • ARISE Model Interventions – this method of intervention uses a blended approach to care in which both the systemic and Johnson models are combined with an added, modern twist to care.

Get help by choosing a Houston interventionist today. The journey to recovery and healing begins now.

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