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Vending Machine For Prescription Drugs


Vending Machine For Prescription Drugs Are Being Implemented In Arizona

This day in age, there are vending machines for just about anything. Gone are the day of purchasing just a quick snack or drink from these machines. You can now rent DVDs, purchase soaps and facial cleanser, and even buy a fully cooked meal in certain cities. Now there is a vending machine for prescription drugs. Yes, that is correct, walk right up to a vending machine and receive your prescribed drugs.

These vending machines are slowly, but surely popping up across the county. They are mainly showing up around college campuses. Most recently, Arizona has been implementing them around and on some of their college campuses. This makes perfect sense, considering some college kids do not have cars on campus and the drug stores are mostly off campus. This means the students would have to take a bus or ask a friend to take them there. Then the student would have to wait till there friend was available or till a bus would pick them up and then wait again for a bus to drop them off. Ultimately, these vending machines will save students time and when you are a college student or even an adult, time is very valuable.

Students will attend their regular doctor’s appointment and receive a ticket with their prescription on it. Before leaving the doctor’s office the student will receive information on how to take the medication and if it can be combined with other medications, along with any other questions they might have. The student will take the ticket to a vending machine, inset it and their medication will come out after the payment has been made. The ticket or voucher is only good for 24 hours, so the student must get it filled within that time frame, or they will have to go back to the doctor for another ticket.

On the Arizona campuses, the InstyMeds machine is the most popular. This machine allows you to conveniently pay with your credit card and also has a 24 hour support phone attached to it, if you need to ask any questions. It is stated that these vending machines will be supplied with the top 50 medications prescribed on college campuses. The machines could also be tailored to sell other items, like acid-reflux drugs and thermometers. The creator states that these machines can be conformed to the location’s needs.

The first thought that comes to mind is, someone is going to break into these machines and steal all the medication. The creator insured the public that the machine is built similar to a heavy duty vault and weighs 1,500 pounds. It also has a security system that immediately alerts the company if anyone is tampering with the machine.

In all, these vending machines for prescription drugs seem like they will help the students drastically. Arizona is the second college campus this machine was introduced to. Florida was the first and after all the other colleges catch on, I’m sure they will be in other locations besides campuses.

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