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Spice Girl, Mel B Suffers a Drug Overdose

Mel B Suffers a Drug Overdose by Mixing Alcohol and Tranquilizers

It was reported that late in December, former Spice Girl, Mel B suffered a drug overdose. With all of the drama surrounding her life right now, Mel B.’s reps made sure to let everyone know that this was not a suicide attempt and was merely an accident. Mel B suffers a drug overdose in the midst of an extremely stressful time in her life.

Controversy has been swirling around the famed singer and TV judge of the “British X Factor”. Reports state that she recently split from husband Stephen Belafonte. There are rumors circulating that he had abused her, which Belafonte has denied and explained he only wants her to get better. Mel B. reportedly missed a taping of the “British X Factor” due to this overdose, but has returned to the show. A source revealed the truth behind her medical crisis, “She was hospitalized because she mixed tranquilizers, including Xanax, with alcohol. It was absolutely accidental, and not intentional.” The source continued on, “She wasn’t suicidal, but the pressure of being back in London brought a lot of unresolved issues to the surface concerning being estranged from mother, Andrea, and the rest of her family.”Between the stress of dealing with the separation from her husband, the rumors about being abused by her husband, the possible divorce from her husband, trying to start a new relationship with her estranged mother, and her work schedule, she has a lot on her plate right now. The source continues to explain Mel B. situation, “While Mel has been given medical clearance to return, she feels extremely vulnerable, a lot has gone down in just a short period of time.” The source continues, “She has been paralyzed with fear for the past week living in the hotel, and the British press has been relentless in covering the story. The only person she feels safe with is Dr. Sophy.” The source explains her plans, “The plan is for him to go to the hotel, meet with her, and hopefully feel comfortable enough to get on the plane to come back to Los Angeles.”

Rumors have also been circulating that Mel B. has been hanging around with the wrong crowd of people. Some are even stating that is the reason behind her latest episodes of drama. The British press has also been on top of her about her recent weight loss, stating that she does not look healthy and has various bruises on her arms and body. A source claims those bruises are from the nurses trying to place an IV into Mel B.’s arm. With so many rumors flying around, one can only hope that her doctor, Dr. Sophy, can get her back to not only a healthy physical state, but also in a healthy state of mind. Mel B. has many supporters behind her and everyone is cheering for her to recover as soon as possible.

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