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Drug & Alcohol Interventions in Kentucky

Are you considering a Kentucky drug & alcohol intervention for someone you love? If you are at the point where this step is making sense to you, you have probably been dealing with an addicted family member for some time. An intervention can help people with substance abuse issues get the treatment they need; however, you’ll want to make sure that it’s performed properly.

Staying Focused Important Part of Intervention

Some families bring up past events during the intervention and this is a mistake. Everyone who is attending the conversation with the addicted person has been harmed in some way (emotionally, physically, and/or financially) by his or her behavior since drugs or alcohol entered the picture.

The day of the intervention is not the right time to bring up all the things the addict in your life has done to hurt the family. If the discussion goes off course in that way, it will only cause the person to become angry or defensive. At that point, they are not likely to listen to anything you or the family have to say about going to treatment.

Think About the Goal for the Kentucky Drug & Alcohol Intervention

When face-to-face with someone who has been the source of chaos in the family, it can be difficult to hold one’s tongue. During an intervention, the family members must practice restraint.

Comments made during the intervention must stay focused on communicating that the family is presenting a united front. All members are prepared to help the addict get well, but they are not going to participate in continuing to feed the addiction.

Work with an Interventionist for Best Results

An experienced interventionist will meet with your family members before the intervention to get to know them and learn something your loved one’s history of drug and alcohol use. He or she will be present at the intervention to guide the family through the process, which includes having each member read a letter to their addicted loved one.

The letters express feelings of love and memories of time spent together before the addiction took over. The letter also includes a request for the addict to go to treatment, as well as each family member’s “bottom line” if the addict refuses. A bottom may be to cut off contact, refuse to continue providing financial support or stop paying the addict’s bills. This is a clear indication that the family is serious that the situation needs to change, starting on the day of the Kentucky drug & alcohol intervention.

Information on Drugs, Alcohol, and Interventions in Kentucky

Kentucky is not only a part of the heartland of the United States; it is also the heartland of illicit drug distribution, production, and abuse. A major part of Kentucky culture is “moonshining”, which is the production of homemade liquor. Cocaine poses a major threat to the metropolitan areas of Kentucky. Also, levels of methamphetamine production, abuse, and distribution have grown rapidly. Both cocaine and methamphetamine have been linked to a high percentage of the violence that occurs in Kentucky.

At Intervention Services and Coaching, our expert intervention coordinators are here 7 days a week to help your loved one and family through this difficult time. Our coordinators personally know how alcohol and drug abuse affects families and are here to help families just like yours every day. We will help you find the perfect interventionist as well as create the perfect plan to get your loved one a better life.

Why Choose Intervention Services and Coaching for Drug or Alcohol Interventions?

As a company founded by a family that has gone through and survived the struggles of drug addiction, we strive on not only helping the addict but the family as well. We have taken our experiences, turned them into our passion, and created Intervention Services and Coaching in order to help families just like yours every day.

Our interventionists take the time to train the family on drug addiction and build a support system for their loved one. As a result, Intervention Services and Coaching has become the largest intervention service provider in North America. We are able to successfully deliver around 400 interventions per year with a 95% success rate. Call now to speak to one of our expert intervention coordinators.

Recovering from drug addiction

Rehabs are meant to help people battling with addictions, mental or physical illnesses and also injuries. The most common rehabilitation centers the drug rehabs. People suffering from various addictions require more assistance and care along their rehabilitation journey, which is basically done in the rehabs. A person addicted to drugs tends to change his/her behavior in several aspects including the relationship with others and also in work.

Rehabilitation centers may offer specialized treatment to those fighting a particular drug addiction while others deal with a variety of them. All in all, their main target is to help their patients embark to their normal lives in a healthy manner. For the comfort of the patients, some rehabs are gender-based thus dealing with either men alone or women alone

If you reside in Kentucky, you must be aware of the Kentucky Drug Rehabs. Drug addicts in Kentucky have the privilege to choose between long term and short term programs while undergoing treatment. At Kentucky Drug Rehabs, patients can either chose to undergo the twelve steps program or the holistic program. Most of the addicts rarely understand the holistic approach which mainly focuses on the entire body and mind wellness. Being a resident of Kentucky, who is trying to fight addiction, you should visit the Kentucky Drug Rehabs to help you out along your journey.

Almost all drug addicts do not admit that they are addicted to a particular substance. Furthermore, a good number of them think that the drugs they are on are not harmful. To deal with such situations, the rehabs aid patients on changing their attitude towards the drugs. Prior to joining a rehab center, the patients undergo detoxification treatment. Detox treatment entails the patient not using the substance he /she is addicted to. It is only after successfully completing the detox that you are fit for rehabilitation.

Statistics were done by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health back in the year 2014 showed that about 21 million Americans aged from 12 years and above battled a drug use disorder. Most of these people struggled with alcoholism.

Different states have their one particular drug abuse story. A good example of this is Nevada which is at the top rank for alcoholism and drug abuse. It is also the second state in the entire nation where non-medical use of oxycodone and hydrocodone is done. According to the Substance Abuse United States of America, the whole state is facing alcohol and drugs epidemic.

Kentucky Drug Facts:

  • A large percentage of America’s marijuana supply is manufactured in Kentucky.
  • The largest demographic for people who overdosed in 2015 were between the ages of 45 to 54.
  • Leslie County has the highest overdose rate in the state with 68.63 deaths per 100,000 residents.
  • In 2015, Fentanyl was detected in 34% of total overdoses in Kentucky.
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