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Indianapolis Drug and Alcohol Interventions

If you are concerned about the drug or alcohol use of a loved one, your natural instinct has probably been to do what you can to help. This may have included providing money, paying bills, helping with housing, caring for children, or otherwise taking steps to offer your support.
Sadly, family and friends often unknowingly fuel an addict’s addiction by simply providing what they believe to be the love and support that is only natural.

But what happens when your support runs out? What happens when the addict continues to use drugs or alcohol despite your good intentions, and he or she won’t admit that the problem has spiraled out of control? If you have a loved one that’s struggling with addiction and needs help, consider an Indianapolis drug or alcohol intervention specialist to assist you in the first steps of recovery.

Why Choose an Interventionist in Indianapolis?

Every case of addiction is different. Some choose intervention because they are at the end of their rope and don’t know what else to do. Some choose intervention because they have seen it on TV or heard about it and are interested in ANYTHING that will help them get their loved one the help that is necessary. Some are simply looking for professional support along the way.
Regardless of why you choose an Indianapolis interventionist to assist you, the overall goal is generally the same:

• To help the addict recognize that treatment is necessary for recovery.
• To define the location of treatment and who will pay for it.
• To enroll the addict immediately into treatment IF he or she accepts the help being offered.
• To provide support services for the addict’s family and loved ones to ensure their healing and recovery.

What Steps are Taken Before the Intervention

Before the intervention takes place, pre-intervention work must take place. Most families and loved ones are unaware of the repercussions associated with a poorly or improperly planned intervention, but failure to enact a successful intervention can lead to an unchanged problem or, even worse, a situation in which the addict lashes out and makes matters worse.

Before the intervention, working with a professional Indianapolis interventionist will ensure that you take the proper steps to ensure the success of the actual intervention process. The interventionist will hold a planning session in which you will work with him or her to learn
your role in the intervention. Goals will be defined and education for the family will take place to ensure everyone understands the value of the intervention process, the importance of remaining focused on the intervention message, and the risks of a failed intervention.

Get Intervention Help in Indianapolis

If you have tried everything you know to get your loved one into treatment, it may be time to call a professional. Indianapolis interventionists are widely available to assist you with the planning, execution and finalization of an intervention. They will even drive or fly with the addict to the treatment facility of your family’s choice to ensure that the individual makes it through the admission process and is safe and sound in treatment. Don’t delay, get professional help

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