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Information on Drugs, Alcohol, and Interventions in Colorado

When thinking about an interventionist to perform an alcohol intervention or drug intervention in Colorado, it is helpful to understand what substances affect the state most and how. Colorado has a major drug-trafficking issue that has ridden many areas of the state. In states such as Colorado, substance addiction resources can be limited. We can create a successful plan and find hope for families when it may seem lost. As a result of our passion for helping families every day, we can provide around 400 successful interventions per year.

Why Choose Intervention Services and Coaching in Colorado?

As a company founded by a family who has struggled with substance abuse, we know what it is like to have a significant rift within the household that comes from drugs and alcohol. We have taken our experiences, turned them into our passion, and created Intervention Services USA to help families just like yours every day.

Most families that seek out an intervention try to keep costs down by hiring an interventionist within their state. Cutting costs and going with a local therapist may seem like the right decision, but it is not. Our interventionists are here with one goal in mind: to get your loved one in treatment. Our interventionists will do everything in their power to reach this goal. Even after the intervention is over, our services are always here for you. We do not merely go away. Day or night, we are here for you.

We have the resources you need to give you the best intervention possible with a high success rate. Call now to speak to one of our qualified substance abuse counselors and interventionist specialists and get the help your loved one truly deserves.

Drug Rehabs in Colorado

Do you know someone who is facing trouble with drug addiction? Many people who have drug addictions don’t even realize that they have a problem. It is important that those who recognize the symptoms of an addiction seek help immediately. Drug addiction is a disease that involves the brain to make you use drugs compulsively without any self-control. However, it begins with the person choosing to start drugs. In the beginning, it is always a choice of that person, not something your brain controls. Once there is repeated drug use, the brain changes in a way that causes one to challenge the person’s ability to resist drugs, and from there, the person is no longer able to refuse drugs. The brain becomes in control. People facing drug additions need to seek treatment from Colorado drug rehabs available to them.

According to, there was a new study that came out and found that Colorado had the third most serious drug problem out of any state in the United States. Many of the people involved in taking drugs are are young individuals, high school aged. People with an addition begin taking drugs when they are young and continue the drug path as they age, leading to addiction. According to, Colorado has had the most significant amount of overdose deaths in the whole United States. This number only continues to grow all over Colorado. In the county Arapahoe, of Colorado, the number of overdoses continue to double within the years. Prescriptions medications have been the culprit for these drug-related overdoses.

However, people do not have to suffer any longer. Once those with addictions realize they have an addiction and are willing to accept help, they need to find assistance with drug rehabs. Drug rehabs offer the ability for one to heal from their addiction and change their lives with intensive treatment. A drug rehab center includes treatment of addictions with consistent group therapy, specialized sessions, family therapy, medical services, nutritional services, recreational therapy, peer-led support groups, etc. These programs offer a variety of treatment for almost any type of drug-related addiction. There is constant support around the clock to prevent you from relapsing.

Drug addiction can negatively impact your life and the lives of the people you love. If you are suffering from an addiction or know someone, make sure you seek help from a drug rehab center. It is challenging to heal and receive treatment on your own. You need support from drug rehab to recover and get your life back fully. There are many Colorado drug rehabs all over Colorado willing to accept you.

Colorado Drug Facts:

  • Methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and heroin are brought into the state by drug trafficking organizations which are then distributed throughout different areas of Colorado.
  • Drug traffickers conceal the illicit drugs being shipped into the state in private and commercial vehicles traveling along U.S. highways.
  • Drugs are also transported in Colorado by commercial aircraft and package delivery services.
  • Since 2000, overdoses caused by prescription medicine quadrupled.
  • From 2012 to 2016, heroin deaths have tripled, and the usage of heroin in Colorado has increased by 27% from 2008 to 2016.
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