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It isn’t about Getting Sober, it’s about Staying Sober

continuum of care provider

Many interventionists boast of a 90% or higher “success rate.”  What this really means is that 90% of their clients go to treatment.  If your goal is like ours was, to actually get your loved one sober long term, getting them to treatment is just the beginning.  A continuum of care provider is essential to not only getting, but staying sober.

We spent many years building resentments at treatment centers and recovery because we were left feeling like they just “didn’t work.”  At least once a day we hear from a family like ours who says that their son or daughter has been to treatment multiple times but the centers weren’t very good and “they didn’t work.”  When we ask what centers their loved one went to, they list off some of the most well respected centers in the world.

Like us, they got stuck on the idea that treatment was the magic bullet.  “If we could just get him to go to treatment…” Or “If we could just find a better treatment center…”

The reality is, treatment isn’t a magic bullet

Intervention Services USA is a firm believer that primary drug rehab or alcohol treatment is just one component in a Continuum of Care.  For that reason we have developed a number of services that complete the circle of care for addiction treatment.  We are a full service continuum of care provider.

If you are looking for crisis intervention or you just want to handle the medical crisis at hand and get your loved one into a medically supervised environment, then a continuum of care is probably not for you.

But, if you are interested in long term, lasting sobriety, most of the success stories as well as the research point to continuing care after primary treatment.  Please visit our other pages which describe the services we offer that complete the continuum.  And if you have any questions or want to know if the continuum of care provider services are right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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