Addiction Intervention Video Presentations

Intervention Services provides, for treatment centers, public service agencies, non-profit family and children services, as well as schools, various presentations involving interventions, addiction, recovery and substance abuse prevention.

An example of a presentation being delivered by our founder, David Lee, is “Why Families Wait…” which outlines why family members wait, often until it is too late, to intervene on their loved ones:


Why Families Wait to Intervene on their loved one from David Lee on Vimeo.


Other examples of Intervention Presentations that we deliver include:

  • “Who becomes an Addict”: A presentation of both founders, David and Kevin Lee, for a mixed audience of teenager and adults that asks, and attempts to answer, the question “Who becomes an Addict?”
  • “Identifying who needs an Intervention”: A presentation usually delivered to treatment centers to help their intake staff properly identify when a family is best suited for a professional intervention.


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