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Houston Treatment Centers

Houston Treatment CentersSome people feel that if you have been to one treatment center, you’ve been
to them all. Frankly, that is the wrong approach. In Texas, Houston treatment centers are among the best in the country. Does that mean that they all are “one-size-fits-all?” Without going into the details of all Houston treatment centers, the short answer is, “No.”

If you or a family member is facing alcohol abuse or chemical dependency, you will need to research and kick the tires on Houston treatment centers just as you would for any other facilities. What is most important is that you get to know about the staff, what their expertise is, how long they have been providing drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, what their success rate is, and whether or not they will work with your insurance provider.

Finding the right program and facility is just as important as finding the right intervention service. It is vital to ensure that you can trust your program administrators and that you aren’t just pushed you through the machine works of their system. Personal care and compassionate attention are the core aspects of a treatment program, and even Houston has some subpar treatment centers.

Long term recovery should be the goal of any good treatment center. If an intake officer or a health care administrator try to sell that they can have you detoxed and back to work within a month, you are buying a bag of fruit that is past ripe and ready to spoil. While some treatment centers might only be equipped for inpatient services, you may be able to find better options from a facility that offers both inpatient and outpatient recovery programs. If you are dealing with a dual diagnosis, meaning the patient has both a chemical or alcohol dependency and a psychological illness, then you must make sure the treatment center is staffed with the appropriate care providers. A
treatment center should always be up front and forthcoming with answers to questions or concerns you might raise. If a facility is less than willing to give you every detail about the number of beds, the number and credentials of staff on hand, how disciplinary protocols are handled, etc., then this should immediately raise red flags.

Finding the right treatment facility is not just important for the patient, but also for the family and friends of the person engaged with recovery. Remaining social and building back the often torn connections between family members is endemic to the patient’s success. If a patient feels cut off or stranded in treatment, their likelihood of maintaining their long term recovery beyond treatment drops dramatically.

There is never a more critical time to act than when a loved one hits rock bottom. From the intervention through detox and therapy, and onto outpatient and work rehabilitation, Houston treatment centers can be your best and most resourceful asset in your toolkit. Whether you are seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, make sure that you have done all the research necessary to give you and your family a fighting chance.  Give us a call and we can help you find what suits your needs.

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