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Houston InterventionAre you or a family member dealing with chemical dependency, long term alcohol abuse or a dual diagnosis? Do you live in the Houston, Texas area and need ? Deciding when to gather your loved ones and family together for an intervention can be difficult. When a person falls prey to chemical dependency and abuses drugs and/or alcohol to the point where families are torn apart and lives are shattered, one can only hope that it’s not too late. In reality, Houston intervention programs can seem bigger than life. But don’t let the fact that everything is bigger in Texas keep you from seeking the help you need to get through this difficult and often frustrating time.

What makes Houston intervention programs any different than intervention in other cities or states? At the end of the day, there shouldn’t be much difference. But when it comes to feeling comfortable with your surroundings and struggling with major life changes that seem out of your hands, going far off to some other location for an intervention may cause more harm that it helps.

A person’s recovery is a fragile and precious achievement and must be approached with both firmness and compassion. If you anticipate a large scale intervention that involves many participants and a long list of problems or issues to address, then shipping that person off to a distant rehab facility can make the person feel abandoned. Even through the of best intentions, an addict can play the role, go through the motions, or become a “dry drunk” just waiting for the pressure to subside and to go back to using. We may even be able to convince them to attempt a local  meeting and go through the steps, or perhaps a detox.

If you live in Texas, a Houston intervention may be more beneficial to your loved ones that you may initially think. What is most important is that you research and discover as much as you can about any program
designed to care for and treat excessive drug and alcohol use and abuse. One of the core benefits to staging a local intervention is the simple fact that more family and friends can be involved in the patient’s long term recovery.

A long term recovery plan is a vital aspect of any intervention, such as visiting a . It is safe to assume that if you have gotten to the point where you and your family are considering an intervention, then you are ready to accept that there will be a considerable time investment attached to the events leading up to and through the patient’s program. Intervention is not a light consideration and must be carefully and professionally executed. It is never a good idea to gather up the family and ambush a patient. Instead, take your time and get to know your options. Again, this is a critical time in the patient’s life and you have never needed to be more sensitive and compassionate; even though you are hurting and possibly quite angry.

Remember, an intervention is sometimes a person’s only path to recovery. By staging an intervention, you are telling the person with a dependency that they are no longer in control of their own life; not because you or the group is taking control away but because the patient has given their self control up to drugs or alcohol. If you need help setting up a Houston Intervention, please call us.

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