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Holiday Interventions

Interventions During the Holidays

Holiday InterventionsFrom November to January, the holiday season is typically a time for happiness and family gathering. However, when a family is stricken with substance abuse, it can also be a time for stress, depression, and increased substance abuse. Challenging times, like this, is typically when interventions are needed the most. Holidays can be an emotional time for people and families. Take that emotion and mix it with a long period of high stress (buying gifts, social/family gatherings, traveling, etc.), the holiday season creates a breeding ground for substance abuse to thrive.

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  • Our coordinators will create a tailored path to sobriety.
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During the holiday season, death rates due to substances and driving under the influence spike up. The holiday drinking starts on “Blackout Wednesday,” the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This college “holiday” creates situations where there are many impaired drivers on the road. Last year, Blackout Wednesday accounted for around 400 deaths. On Christmas Eve last year, alcohol-related traffic incidents increased by 33%. To finish off the holiday season, on New Year’s Eve, more than 42% of traffic incidents were related to alcohol. Overall, there were 1,200 alcohol-related deaths during the holiday season in 2015. Do not wait until after the holiday season, it may be too late.

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