Staging an Eating Disorder Intervention

Staging an Eating Disorder Intervention
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A Guide to preparing, understanding and smoothly addressing an eating disorder intervention.

[line] Eating disorders are a danger to the health and well-being of the individual suffering. That is why it is important to stage an intervention as soon as the problem is identified and to ensure that it is appropriate for the needs of the individual. The risks associated with eating disorders are harsh, taking a toll on the body and the mind. As there are multiple types of eating disorders, there are several warning signs to consider when deciding whether to stage an intervention.
[gap size=”30px”] Staging an intervention after a loved one shows signs of an eating disorder can be challenging. It may be emotionally challenging and risks that are related to the behavior of a loved one can arise; however, it is also essential for a loved one to recover. It is possible to recover from an eating disorder and substance abuse, but it often require assistance from professionals.

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[/column] [content_band bg_color=”f5f5f5″ border=”all”] [container] [custom_headline style=”margin: 0;” type=”center” level=”h4″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true”]Other Risks Associated With Eating Disorders.[/custom_headline]In addition to the very real health threat from the eating disorder, some people also show signs of drug and alcohol abuse, which may complicate treatment options. [/container] [/content_band]

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