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Drug Intervention Help

How Can a Drug Intervention Help my Loved One?

drug intervention help

Families in crisis worried about a loved one’s addiction often begin looking for drug intervention help for guidance in persuading a loved one to enter treatment. Since addicts are masters at denial, family and friends often find themselves at a loss when they approach an addict about entering treatment. The addict refuses to admit there is a problem, and often at their own peril. Suicide, health damage and overdose probabilities are realistic concerns for anyone abusing drugs. For these reasons, it is crucial that family members step up to the challenge by using a drug intervention to arrest the progression of the addiction disease that is ruining a loved one’s life.

Drug Intervention Help is a Phone Call Away

The drug abuse landscape evolves daily with many prescription drugs now taking center stage as a growing problem areas. Many addicts falsely believe that they are not addicts since they are using prescription drugs instead of street drugs. Much like alcohol, prescription drugs pose a true danger that is often cloaked in respectability.

Selecting an Interventionist for Drug Intervention Help

Before doing anything else, it is imperative to select an interventionist to conduct the meeting. In this emotionally turbulent situation, it is best to get the help of a professional to plan and guide the intervention process. This delicate process should not be considered as something that amateurs can easily do.

A family can interview an interventionist to be sure they feel comfortable with that person’s business methods and personality. Since a proven interventionist has the potential of getting a loved one into treatment, it is critical that an experienced professional be hired based on credentials. Asking about success rates when selecting a professional is not out of line.

Drug Intervention, Help with Warning Signs

When in doubt about a family member’s drug problems, watching for warning signs is one excellent way to determine whether they are caught up in addiction. Watching for withdrawal symptoms and other signs of abuse often makes it obvious to anyone who is looking closely. General signs to look for include glassy or red eyes, mood swings, irritability, lack of grooming, withdrawal, loss of interests in hobbies and a runny nose.

Since an addict starts experiencing withdrawal symptoms soon after their last “fix,” those close to an addict may witness these symptoms. If an addict is experiencing withdrawal symptoms, then the disease has progressed to a very dangerous stage. At this stage the addict often feels completely lost and helpless having crossed over to a point of no return. The reason this stage is so serious is that the addict must consume more and more of the drug simply to feel “normal.” This is why the possibility of an overdose is so probable.

Can A Drug Intervention Help?

After an interventionist has been hired, he will plan and supervise the entire event. That is the good news for the family. The interventionist instructs family and friends about how to handle certain scenarios. Participants often rehearse what they will say ahead of time at a preparation meeting that the intervnetionist calls prior to the actual event. The goal of the intervention is to get the addict to enter into treatment as soon as possible.


As uncomfortable as the prospect of a drug intervention is for most people, it can save a life. Drug addiction requires swift intervention. Help is available for families who want to help.

Essentially, Intervention Services is on hand 24 hours a day to help you to help your loved one who may be abusing drugs or alcohol.  If you have questions or need to speak with someone, understand that most of our employees are recovering professionals who can speak with you as someone who once abused drugs themselves.

drug intervention help

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