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contact intervention services

Intervention Services is on hand to assist you 24 hours a day/7 days a week throughout

this trying time and even beyond. We are always there for you for any questions that you may have. Sometimes family members feel that there is no need to bother us with “stupid or trivial” questions. We do not believe that there is such a thing as a “trivial” question when it comes to saving a loved one and his family from the darkness of addiction. We don’t feel that the intervention process is truly over until your loved one attains at least one year of continuous sobriety.

Our staff is always available for questions, comments, or help. Again, we don’t consider the intervention process to be over until the alcoholic or addict achieves at least one year of continuous sobriety. As such, our intervention consultation services include lifetime support as well.

Lifetime Support

After retaining our services, we are on hand at any time to help you during the intervention as well as for any post-intervention consultation. This includes further treatment and recovery solutions, handling bottom-line phases or even in the event of a relapse months or years after the intervention itself. As long as a family is willing to listen and heed our suggestions, then our services are meant to be given. However, we do not intend to continually “enable the enabler”. Everyone makes mistakes, and we fault no one, but if a family time-and-again refuses to apply the principles that we have laid down for them, then there is little we can do. In other words, if the family member of an addict continually calls us every week after repeatedly refusing to set a boundary, and is just looking for sympathy instead of a solution, then we may use discretion and limit our phone consultations. We can give all the suggestions in the world, but it is up to you take the advice. We are here to help you to take that advice as best we can. Sometimes all someone needs is a reassuring voice on the darkest nights to light the way home.


Available 24 hours

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