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Chicago AAThe larger the city, the more exposure to potential problems. While large cities such as Chicago do offer all sorts of services, benefits and options including , it can also lead to serious issues for some. Alcohol is one of these problems, so if you have a loved one who is struggling with alcohol addiction, it is necessary for you and a group of close friends and family members to confront the individual in the form of an intervention. The intervention, with the assistance of a professional moderator, is going to help lay out the situation for the individual, not to mention it is designed to describe what the alcohol addiction is doing to their life, how it is affecting everyone else associated with them, and why it is so important to correct the problem as soon as possible. With alcohol addiction there are many different stages associated with it. While in some cases it is necessary to send the individual to a rehab center, it might be best for them to join up with a Chicago AA service. Alcoholic Anonymous is going to work with your loved one in order to help cure the alcoholic dependency and allow them, and yourself, to move on with your life.

When your loved one enrolls with the Chicago AA group they are going to be put through what is known as a 12 step program. This 12 step program is designed to help better them not only through the struggle with alcohol, but also as a person in general. A mentor is there at all times, so if your loved one is struggling, they can contact this mentor, also known as a sponsor, for guidance and assistance.

The first step towards Chicago AA is to admit someone is powerless around alcohol and that their life started to unravel because of it. Basically, this is an acceptance stage that is very important for anyone dealing with alcohol addiction. It is not possible to move on to any other step, or to even progress with the rest of life, until the individual is able to admit they are addicted. The second step is that there is a power greater then oneself in order to restore sanity and provide the necessary purity. The third step, as AA started as a Christian program, is an individual decides to turn their will and lives over to God, but this step is a bit more lenient on individuals who are not open to converting their faith beliefs. Step four is searching for moral inventory of oneself, and to determine what really is the compass someone bases their life on. Step five is to admit to oneself, to another individual and to God (if they believe in a God) the nature of their wrongdoing.

Step six is another religious based step, as the individual is ready to have God remove the character defects, although again, this is more lax on those of different faiths, as is step seven which is to ask God to remove shortcomings. Step eight is to make a list of everyone alcohol has caused the individual to harm over the years, while step nine is to make amends for the faults. Step 10 is to take a personal inventory and admit wrongdoing, step 11 is to use mediation to improve oneself, while step 12 is to have a spiritual awaking from the completion of the other 11 steps through the Chicago AA program.

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