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California Principal Arrested for Drugs


Thomas Woody Price, the California Principal Arrested for Drugs and Brittany Hall

Thomas Woody Price, the California Principal Arrested for Drugs is Facing Many Charges

A California principal arrested for drugs sounds like a plot to a twisted movie. A wholesome principal leading a double life. He was a principal by day and a drug using, adulterous criminal by night.

Police received an anonymous tip earlier this month from a concerned friend, mostly likely her boyfriend. That friend told police that his 21 year old friend had been with a much older man as of recently and was worried this older man was giving her drugs. He was also concerned, because he had not seen her in awhile and she made no attempt to contact him back. He gave police the location of where his friend was and even the room number. This friend was correct, on all accounts. 21 year old, Brittany Hall was found passed out in the middle of what police are calling a drug den.

In fact, there were so many drugs in the small Hyatt motel room, both Brittany and Principal Thomas Price are being charged with several felonies. Among the felonies are possession and possession for sale. Sgt. Jason Ramos of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s department recounts the event, “We’re talking about a small motel room where almost everywhere the officers looked there was some evidence of either drugs or drug paraphernalia,” Ramos continues on, “including methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, as well as some prescription drugs.”

The most alarming part to this story is not the fact that a principal was caught doing this. It gets worse. When police arrived Price told them that everything was fine. Police could tell from the opening in the door that it was not. They saw Brittany passed out and tried yelling her name from the door. She was unresponsive. Police then took matters into their own hands and came into the room. Police said it took several minutes to revive Brittany. Clearly, everything was not fine. How could a principal just leave this girl unresponsive and try to convince police nothing was going on? Brittany could have easily died.

This California principal arrested for drugs and other charges did not care about her safety. Police believe these two have been having a relationship of drugs and sex for quite some time. Principal Price, who turned 54 the day before his arrest, has recently resigned from the private Branson high school.

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