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Bipolar Intervention (Manic Depression)

bipolar interventionWhen ever family members have a loved one who suffers from bipolar disorder, it can be very stressful to the family. Bipolar is commonly known as a mental disorder and it can be very mild or very severe. Most people suffering from bipolar do not realize how serious the disorder can be. It can cause a person to become violent if left unchecked and a person can even become suicidal. A person suffering from bipolar also will have mood swings, and can go from having mild headaches to being paranoid. The good news is bipolar can be treated with medicines and therapy. The bad news is sometimes people suffering from bipolar are in a state of denial and the family may need to call for a bipolar intervention.

What is intervention?

The whole point behind an intervention is to force the person struggling with the addiction or disorder to face the fact that they do have a problem. Not only does it force the person that is in denial to realize they have a problem it shows them the effect that the bipolar disorder has on the other family members. Most interventions are usually by family members when dealing with people who suffer from drug, alcohol or sexual addictions. All of those addictions can be dangerous to the person who needs the help, and can even be deadly if left untreated. The same is true for bipolar disorder if left untreated. A bipolar intervention can help the person realize they need help.

How does the intervention work?

When ever family members agree to have a bipolar intervention, they have to understand that it can be very tough and can be very stressful. Family members have to be willing to tell the truth, no matter how painful it can be. It is called tough love for a reason. Everything that is said and done is from a place of love. Family members have to realize that they can not afford to shy away from the truth, they have to tell everything. It may seem as if every-one is picking on one family member, and they may feel as if every-one is ganging up on them, but it is all about helping them to get the treatment they need. All family members and friends who agree to take part in the intervention need to understand what it entails so their eyes are wide open.

Why Intervention?

People suffering from bipolar disorder need help, counseling, medication and treatment. As stated earlier, bipolar is a mental illness that can swing back and from different moods. Family members and friends sometimes can get the person suffering from bipolar to hear what they need to do, to protect them. A bipolar intervention may be the only way for them to get the person’s attention and let them know they will support them and love them.

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