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Intervention on an Alcoholic

“He always was the life of the party, but now things are different. It’s almost like a roll of the dice. When he drinks, sometimes we get the depressed guy, other times the crazy one. But lately, we have been getting the one we wish we’d never see. You would think that with everything that has happened, he would quit. I dread when he walks in the door sometimes…”

An Intervention on an Alcoholic can work when everything else has failed

Intervention on an Alcoholic

When a family finally comes to the point that they feel it necessary to do an intervention on an alcoholic family member, it is usually because of several reasons.  Perhaps there has been a crisis like a lost job or a drunken driving arrest that has caused the concern.  Or sometimes the abuse of alcohol takes place over many years before it becomes apparent that help is needed.  Sometimes the alcoholism slowly takes everything away…including the loss of a job, the loss of his family, or even legal troubles. In some cases, everything on the outside remains, but the alcoholic slowly introverts, getting more and more into themselves.  Every night after work it is the same…walk in the door, pour themselves a drink, walk into the living room and sit in a darkened room all night watching television and slowly drinking.

Intervention on an Alcoholic Ends the Abuse

In other occasions the alcoholic may be abusive.  Sometimes to himself, sometimes to others.  Angry words cause the family to walk on eggshells afraid that he’ll snap.  In worse situations a family is held hostage by physical abuse, afraid to call about an intervention on an alcoholic for fear that “He’ll find out”.    In most cases, everyone is in some form of denial when an is needed.  Part of this is because society has become accepting of people who drink to “drown their sorrows” or college kids who spend their weekends partying to an extreme. We have seen these cases scale back to social drinking once the situation changes.

Alcoholics often tend to blame everything and everyone around them for whatever problems, real or imagined, surround them. Because they can tend to blow up at any confrontations, the family learns quickly to avoid arousing his wrath. Sometimes a spouse is driven to the point of fear even considering an intervention on an alcoholic.

A professional interventionist is recommended in the case of an intervention on an alcoholic. An Intervention on an Alcoholic must be performed by a professional for many reasons.  Without a professional the alcoholic has the ability to either bully or manipulate the family into  accepting his solution.  If blatant denial doesn’t work, he may come up with a tissue paper solution like promising to attend A.A. meetings.

Professional Intervention on an Alcoholic

The intervention on an alcoholic begins with a family day where the family presents letters they have written in front of the interventionist for critique.  Our Interventionists have the tools to teach you how to word your letters so the alcoholic in your life will understand how you feel.  The professional performing the intervention on an alcoholic will do a walk through with the family.  On the day of the intervention on an alcoholic, everyone has their role.  The interventionist will mediate the intervention and rebut attempts by the addict to steer the intervention.

Goals for an Intervention on an Alcoholic

An intervention on an alcoholic through Intervention Services USA  has a 90% success rate.  As with anything in life, there are no guarantees.  Even if the addict doesn’t go to treatment, the intervention on an alcoholic isn’t a waste.  Our Interventionists teach the family how to draw bottom lines, how to stop the process of enabling the addict and help give the family and friends of the alcoholic their life back.

Recovery after an Intervention on an Alcoholic

After the intervention on an alcoholic and the treatment program, the recovery process begins.  It is recommended that addicts attend ninety meetings in ninety days.  One of the most effective ways of getting through this crucial time is a sober-living facility.  It is a cooperative house where all residents are in recovery and help support each other through the first steps after the intervention on an alcoholic.

Intervention Services can help you to intervene on your alcoholic family member.  An intervention on an alcoholic can change their life…and yours.

intervention on an alcoholic

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