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Each of Our Staff Have Been Affected by Addiction: Our Personal Stories

“I can train anyone to be a good interventionist. But a great one is driven by an internal spark, born with a desire to help someone. Even before entering this field, they have always been “interventionists”. They are the ones who always went out of their way to help someone, the one who felt deep inside that they could make a difference. This is what I look for in someone that I hire. I look at the resume outside of the resume.”

Passion and a purpose for helping your loved one

At Intervention Services, we are composed of interventionists, receptionists, case managers, sober companions, and recovery and treatment referral specialists. But underneath it, each of us is here for a reason. Our personal intervention stories provide a place for us to describe the passion that drives us to our work.

Select the following stories to learn a bit more about each of us:

  • “A Mother’s Love”
    Sharon Van Kooten, Office Manager
  • “Check in…or Check myself out”
    Sharon Kubacki

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